15.11. At Svea Station

We (Aslak and John)  are now at the Swedish Svea Research Station. The hut is in fine condition with only a small amount of snow inside. We arrived Monday at 23.30 after a 12 hour scooter ride from Aboa, which went quite well but was a bit tedious as visibility was so good that we could see the Heimefrontfjella for 120 km before we got to the mountains, where the small station is located in a very picturesque valley that contains the blue ice area we will spend the next 10 weeks working on.

Immediately after arrival a storm came up and we spent all of Tuesday inside the small (12 square meters) hut. We have propane gas cooker and heater working and set up HF and iridium antennae. Wednesday the weather improved and we dug out our drifted up sledges and erected the toilet tent (much to our relief!).

Our travel has gone extremely quickly, as it was only one week ago that we were still in Cape Town! The Ilyushin flight from Cape Town was easy and comfortable, and only a few hours were spent at Novo blue ice runway before we took the Basler aircraft (built 1944) to Finnish Aboa Research Station via the South African Sanae station. After only 3 days at Aboa working to open the station and preparing our gear for sledging to Svea, we left. Now it is snowing and we are going back to our excellent books.



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