22.11. Pictures from Aboa & Scharffenbergbotnen blue ice area

For the last few days we have been busy getting things running and preparing for the actual fieldwork. Here is the evidence:

Digging Out the Equipmentlapiomies1.jpg

The first picture shows John standing in front of the garage at the Finnish station Aboa. We arrived on November 9th and then spent several days opening the station, including digging out buildings, getting electricity, vehicles and water running.

Last season’s team had put a lot of our field equipment in to the garage, so we had to dig it out before leaving for our field site. After digging out one meter of snow from in front of the door, we opened it only to find out there was more snow inside than outside! (Photo: Aslak Grinsted/FINNARP)

Blue Ice Area

Fixing equipment on the Scharffenbergbotnen blue ice areaIn the second picture we are working on the Scharffenbergbotnen blue ice area. Most of the first week was spent fixing up equipment to make it work properly. But the view and the weather were generally fine, which helped a lot when soldering wires outside.
The ice where we are working is from the transition from the last glacial to our present mild climate, about 11 000 years old. (Photo: John Moore/FINNARP)


-John & Aslak


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