27.11. Morning routine


Svea Research Station. Photo: Kristiina Virkkunen/FINNARP 

As Strongbad says “the morning routine is the most important routine of the
day”, so here’s mine.

It is my turn to make breakfast. Misery. Cold, and especially damp. In the sleeping bag it’s nice. Outside it’s not. There is a drip of water from the ceiling splashing on the floor, where it freezes. But the sun is shining through the back window and the day needs to be started. So up quickly, out of the bag, into the clothes left from last night – still only a week in use (quite fresh considering the time and clothing I have for the next 3 months). The old back is very stiff from yesterday’s work, hard to pull on the socks, must be getting old for this game…

web-3a-makuuhuone.jpg Find my pee can and get some relief… those of a more fussy disposition sometimes go outside to the pee pole, 20 m away, but that’s a bit much for me first thing, especially as its up a nasty snow hill and requires a fair bit of extra clothing and care – the can is much more simple.

Get the porridge on. Boil endless water – well actually about 5 litres, which seems endless when it is to be melted from snow at -15C. Wake up Aslak when it’s all ready. Do the field schedule with Aboa. A discussion of the day’s plans, yesterday’s events, and the bits of news that exist in two communities of 2 or 3 people 200 km apart in the Antarctic. Set up the GPS base station to run all day. Get down the rocks to the snow scooters and leave for the day.

The bedroom. Photo: Kristiina Virkkunen/FINNARP



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