28.11. Trouble with the satellite phone

Poor weather kept us stuck in the hut for four days. Today dawned finally calm and bright. However things did not turn out as we had planned.

Around lunch time we wanted to lock the keyboard of the satellite phone, so that I could have it in my pocket without dialing it accidentally. Previously I have had a pager in my pocket, and the phone (which is much bigger than a normal mobile phone) in the scooter or tent somewhere close-by, but not immediately accessible in case someone really needs to talk to us. So, we found a function that said “lock phone”. We used that and suddenly the phone was asking for some code.

web-3g-vasynyt-aslak.jpgWe tried the normal pin-code, but that didn’t work. We also tried several easy ones like 0000, 1111, and so forth. Nothing worked. This was really quite serious if we wouldn’t be able to make contact with Aboa before 1530 tomorrow, then they would start a rescue operation.  Aslak Grinsted after a hard day of work. Photo: Kristiina Virkkunen/FINNARP

So, the rest of the day we were working while all the time having that stress in the back of our minds. So, perhaps as a consequence, our measurements for today did not seem to go right. (I will check the data later today.)

In the afternoon when we came back, we immediately tried to make contact to Aboa using both HF and VHF radios. That didn’t work. After half an hour or so, we decided to try one last code 1234 and miraculously it worked. Great relief! Now we won’t have to make a fast drive to Aboa in the middle of the night to avoid a rescue operation.

Bloody changes in our routine do not work very well….especially after being in bed so many hours.



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