4.12. Hard Work

Yesterday we made our biggest working day so far. 85 m of line logged with the laster scatterer (the burninator) and zapped with high voltage (the electronator). It was quite a day, windy and not too pleasant, but we were well satisfied with our efforts.

aslak.jpgThen we processed the GPS data we had collected and looked at the data, finally running a nice new backup program Aslak had made to keep all our various files up to date and synchronized on our machines and memory sticks. But to our horror we observed that the “back up” was in fact deleting our original files…Several hours later Aslak pronounced that the files were no more, they were ex-files and we had in fact go nothing from the day.

                                                                                Aslak considers his mistakes. Photo: John Moore/FINNARP

Today dawned very bright and very calm. Right off we got nice and early to repeat all of yesterday’s record breaking rn (of course it had to be our biggest day, not a rubbish one). So we did after battling with too warm weather, melting, short circuits (which the electonator tends to make as its zaps a thousand volts into the ice if there is half a chance), and possible sun-stroke as we worked without a break to get back to where we were last night.

john.jpgBy 3pm we had done it, the sun was high, we (and the ice) were fried. It was Saturday night, and the local girls would be looking forward to seeing us and getting to know us real well. So we went back home and had ourselves a wash – yes a real wash with water and soap and everything.  Really nice, OK it was a fifth of a bucket of luke-warm water outside, but it was not windy and warm enough to catch some rays, and catch up on some much needed poetry (Emily Dickinson). Sadly, the girls never turned up, what are they like, eh?

John with his friend, Emily. Photo Aslak Grinsted/FINNARP


-John & Aslak


2 Responses to “4.12. Hard Work”

  1. 1 Geoff December 6, 2006 at 2:19 am


    You might be interested in an extract from my diary for 4 December 1965!

    “Saw Ant. petrels this a.m. Successful az. & long. shots morning & afternoon. After breakfast climbed Sphinx Rock with Doug. Doug & Rod left at 12.30.”

    This was day 86 of a 218 day dog sledge journey from Halley Bay and the day our accompanying survey party left to return to base. Sphinx Rock is what is now known as Waglenabben and we had been doing azimuth and longitude sun shots at Station “S” on its shoulder, in beautiful weather as I recall.

    Have a good season,

    Geoff Lovegrove

  2. 2 Emily December 15, 2006 at 6:41 pm

    That it will never come again
    is what makes life so sweet

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